Pinball, Pachislo, and Pachinko

In my basement where I used to live, I installed the ultimate man-cave. A nightclub, gameroom and bar all in one. It started off with a color changing bar, some club lighting, and a projection screen w/ LCD projector. Over time, a VIP lounge was added, along with 3 Japanese pachislo slot machines and two pachinkos. Then, the sickness got worse - PINBALL ADDICTION. I had my heart set on a pinball machine. I scoured craigslist, and finally went to a game auction where I found an ELVIRA and the PARTY MONSTERS PINBALL MACHINE. It wasn't in perfect shape, but I bought it and did a restoration which you can see in the Elvira & the Party Monsters restoration page. Them I got an Addams Family Pinball machine that was in BAD shape. After shopping it with new plastics, and a new playfield, it looks like a million bucks! (Thanks to Brian at Kansas City Pinball Repair)

I've always loved pinball, but only played here and there.  It was always frusterating to put a dollar or two in a machine and then have all 3 balls gone within 2 minutes.  Well, when I was old enough, and had the perfect place for it, I bought my first pinball machine.  I was at an game auction in Kansas City where I found Elvira and the Party Monsters pinball! I did some restoration work on it, and then moved to my next pinball - The Adams Family Pinball (which currently lives at my brothers house) 

Here is a link to Club Kevin, the previous home of all my gaming equipment.



If you're considering restoring an Elvira pinball machine, please read over the following tips I have listed.  Included below are the little things I found out through trial and error...I hope they help you.  The color chart along for paints is well worth your attention!

First, here are some before and after photos for the machine.  The playfield was not near as bad as some plafields, but it certainly wasn't great.  A littl bit of playfield stripping, painting and sealing worked wonders.

Elvira Playfield - bats before and after.Elvira and the Party Monsters BBQ pit restorationElvira and the Party Monsters Ghost Restoration