Spawning Red Glass Barbs


In late spring of 2001, a hobbyist friend sent me four of these beauties. I placed them in a 10 gallon planted tank. Several months passed by and these barbs became more beautiful. The male was a deep reddish orange color; the female was a light yellow with a light cast of orange.

Snails in the Aquarium

Years ago, I built a website for a woman named Wilma Duncan.  She is the author of this article.  The site has since been taken down (Wilma's the Cause, a non-profit that gave aquariums to classrooms, nursing homes, etc) but I wanted to keep her articles up and on the here is her article about snails.

Starting a Planted Aquarium

I promise to add more to this section.  Here are a few good pointers I learned.

1- A planted aquarium keeps fish waste out of the water very well...You plants eat fish waste and clean the water.  you don NOT want to run carbon in your filter.  When you run activated charcoal in a planted tank filter, you are stripping out all the nutrients/fertilizers you are paying to add to the water!  In my tank, I ran one biological eheim filter, and one eheim canistar filter with ONLY filter floss. (Which is pillow stuffing from Walmart)